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Stand-up and be counted.
Tell the world why you think
Travel Agents Matter. to reinforce that Travel Agents provide a valuable service and help drive the economic engine of the Travel Industry.

The above slideshow created by Steve Gillick is available for agency websites, this presentation can be customized with the agency

name/logo etc, or whatever, by contacting

Who are we?
Travel Agents, Suppliers, Media was an initiative started by Scott Barker a printer for the Travel Industry who was concerned about the negative portrayl of Travel Agents in the general media and comments by Consumers of "You still use a Travel Agent?" has a simple mission to talk about and promote the positive impact that Travel Agents make every day in providing consumers with travel information and selling the dream.

How can you get involved?
Stand-up be counted and provide your thoughts!

Within this site is an opportunity to listen to what others (Agents, Suppliers & Media) have to say about why Travel Agents Matter.




Give your Feedback to share with your colleagues!

Watch for more content and information soon!  If you have any questions/feedback/comments, please don't hesitate to contact Scott Barker at .

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